Let your website speak highly of you:

We can make the website you need: 

  • CMS (content management system).  We specialize in Squarespace, and are SquareCircle certified.

  • Programmed, built from scratch with beautiful code by our expert team.

Startup Solutions -

A great option for start-ups and smaller businesses needing a simple, attractive website (like this one).


Achieve results quickly and at a reduced cost.

We can create your website using the Squarespace platform, known as the most sophisticated Content Management System in the market.  Our team is SquareCircle certified.

Now available - VIP TURN-KEY PACKAGE:

We will put everything aside and get you up and running the same day!  We will work side-by-side, ensuring that everything done is pre-approved from the get-go.  You will have the valuable opportunity to work with your web designer, and get exactly* the page you want.

"Fabrice was amazing!  We started from zero at 11:30, by 4pm my website was live and connected it to Google Apps. Users and aliases were created as well as other configurations - looking forward to the training. Highly recommend him to anyone starting a small business!"

             -Adriana Soto, Casa Kidz Daycare, Rocklin, California 


Advanced Solutions - 

For larger organizations. From code-enriched CMS sites to customized websites coded from scratch.


Robust solutions for those needing to go further.

Our team of developers has been doing this for over ten years.  Anything you need, we can do.  Whether you need a large corporate solution, landing page, contests, anything - we can do*.  


Cloud Lion also does custom development - does your company need a neat, super easy to use web-based tool to optimize a task? Of course it does!  Your boss might even give you a raise worth 1% of the money you made him/her save. Or fire you because the computer completely replaced you. Sorry about that!

*Note - we can also help to improve your existing website, by injecting code - or produce a code enriched CMS website for you - getting you the best of both worlds - a faster, easier overall web creation process, that boasts extra power, a very competitive cost.



Why Cloud Lion?

Our international experience and unique vision puts us ahead of the pack.  Our highly skilled, Google-qualified team has the innovative mindset to help catapult your business to the next level using today's cutting edge cloud technologies.  Having transformed dozens of organizations, trained hundreds of people across three continents, we can confidently say we understand where you're coming from, we speak your language, we breathe the same air.  Things are changing faster than ever, your competitors are making the move to the cloud as you read this.  You know its a jungle out there - choose to have the Lion by your side.  Let's talk!