Bringing Your Ideas  and Innovations to Life

Founded in 2017, Cloud Lion is a Montreal-based collective of passionate professionals who share a love for cutting-edge business technology and an even bigger love for what it does when adopted properly.


We understand that we do not succeed unless our clients do, and for this to happen we need to fully understand where they are coming from, where they are now and where they want to be. For this to happen, we focus not only on the technology we are deploying, but also the people who aim to adopt it.


Our Team

Our Team is our greatest asset; it comprises of educators, data scientists, DevOps engineers, cybersecurity specialists, system architects, and business analysts. Our people are some of the best in the business - we support each other like family.

Our Partners

We have chosen to partner with technology leaders including Zoho (Preferred Creator Partner), Google and Microsoft. While we stand on the shoulders of these giants, our most important partnership is to our clients.

Our Culture

We are a federally-incorporated Canadian corporation - more than that - we are proud to be an Indo-Canadian company - our culture draws the best from both worlds. We speak English, French, Spanish and Tamil, and currently serve clients across four continents.


At Cloud Lion, we take change-management seriously. We pay close attention to the human factor behind every digital transformation we commit to. Our founder and CEO is an educator - and remains a teacher at heart. We follow best change-management practices to ensure there is a healthy adoption of the technology we deploy.

The Birth Our Cloud Lion Pride


Cloud Lion's Roaring Start.

Our founder and CEO, Fabrice Vanegas, MEd., founded Cloud Lion in 2017. Having deployed technology in an educational context while teaching in South-East Asia, he knew the transformative effect collaborative cloud technology can have on any organization – and how important it is to ensure the people involved are properly trained.


As the business started to gain momentum, he brought on Sebastien Meghezi PhD. as a co-founder and COO.


The team grew to 8 people, then, 15, and before you knew it there were over 30 Lions and we continue to grow.


Branching Out In The East

As the Pandemic started, we opened a sister company in India, allowing us to access some of the world's best talent - while avoiding the common trappings of our industry. We fell in love with India.


As we grew, we were able to hire stronger technical resources, some stayed in India, some came to Canada, but no matter where each Lion was, we always worked as a unit.

Branching Out In The East


Building a Tight-Knit Team

We did (and continue to do) everything possible for our team to grow closer together. Frequent team-building trips, continuous professional development and certifications, and following the best HR practices to keep everyone motivated and committed.


Some aspects of our growth happened quicker, others slower.


It took us seven years to hire our first Marketing employee, to us engineering always came first.


Guiding The Path


Fabrice Vanegas, MEd.

Founder and CEO

A multi-cultural, multi-lingual citizen of the world. Fabrice has always been a geek who loves technology almost as much as he loves people. Fabrice is a professional who enjoys making meaningful connections with those life puts in his path. While reaching objectives successfully remains his primary goal, he will ensure everyone involved has a few laughs along the way. When not fearlessly leading Cloud Lion, he enjoys travelling, manning his BBQ grill (weather permitting) and spending time with his wife and two kids.


Sébastien Meghezi, PHd.

Co-founder and CAO

A cerebral, analytical powerhouse. Sebastien holds a post-doctorate degree with a specialization on bio-materials and tissue engineering. He is a data-scientist (as well as an actual scientist), holds a diploma in Big Data and is Zoho Analytics certified. Seb packs a wallop when it comes to conducting requirements analyses and has a flair for entity relationship diagramming. What brings him more joy than deploying perfect dashboards? Eating croissants, swimming and spending time with his wife and two daughters.


Mercy Sheeba

Director of Human Resources

Armed with two Bachelor's degrees (in Computer Science) and an MBA with an HR focus, Mercy is the ideal person to head our HR department in India. She is patient, nurturing, motherly and very professional. Mercy has taken her job very much at heart: keeping our growing engineering tech team happy and motivated. When Mercy is not paying meticulous detail to administrative tasks or painstakingly organizing team-building trips, she enjoys spending quality time with her son. She loves music and having a good laugh.


Siva Tejaswini Unnam

Senior Technical Architect

Hailing from Andra Pradesh, Montreal-based Teja is more than your typical overachiever. At the tender age of 21, Teja worked for Zoho as a Member of Technical Staff, she architected and implemented cybersecurity solutions that are still in place to this day. Fast-forward a few years, Teja earned her Masters Degree in Quality Systems Management from Concordia University where she graduated with a crazy-high GPA. When not creating beautiful tech architecture and inspiring the tech team, she enjoys basketball and travelling to cool new places.