A unique and powerful software 

suite to transform the way 

you work. Designed for 

businesses of all sizes, built

by a company 

that values your privacy.

Zoho: to know Zoho is to love it.


This incredible company is older than Google, and is quietly taking over the world. The unlike-any-other corporate values, the incredible breadth and depth of their products and their seems-too-good-to-be-true pricing makes them an obvious choice for most cases.


Feel the power of Zoho One augmented by Cloud Lion's expertise in Zoho Creator. Federate your tech stack and take ownership of the OS for Business.


How teams of all sizes connect, 

create, and collaborate. A flexible, 

innovative solution for people and 

organizations to achieve more.

Google: synonymous with collaboration, this Silicone Valley giant brought us disruption and delight, and has been a favorite of Billions ever since.


Unleash the potential of collaboration and productivity with Google's suite of SaaS tools. The number one choice of today's digital workers, recent graduates have come to expect this suite, familiar to them from their University days. We can help you use Google Workspace to work the way you like (speaks well with Zoho).


Boost productivity with 

Microsoft Word, Excel, 


 Microsoft Teams, and 

moreโ€”all in one place.

Microsoft: Take the traditional route and go with Microsoft.


An old favorite, Microsoft has earned its place as a pillar of Information Technology since the days of Dilbert. Harness the power of Microsoft's SaaS offerings. Increase productivity, enhance collaboration, and leverage Microsoft's cloud technologies to transform your business operations. All while not risking losing the familiarity you have always known. (Can also be integrated to Zoho).



Seamless Communication
With Trusted 
VOIP Partners

  • RingCentral
  • Vonage
  • AirCall


Cloud Lion's VOIP partnerships with RingCentral, Vonage, and AirCall deliver feature-rich, scalable solutions. Elevate communication with seamless voice, video, and messaging experiences. Embrace cloud-based potential with crystal-clear voice quality, advanced call management, and integrations. Revolutionize your business phone system with advanced call routing and enhanced collaboration. Experience unparalleled efficiency and productivity.



Internet of Things

At Cloud Lion, we are equipped to deploy industry-leading Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that revolutionize businesses.


Using cutting-edge technology, we seamlessly integrate connected devices, sensors, and data analytics to provide real-time insights, optimize operations, and drive efficiency. Our customized IoT applications are designed to address your specific industry challenges and unlock new levels of performance.


By leveraging our industry-leading technology, you can enhance operations, drive innovation, and create new revenue streams.


With scalability and security at the core of our solutions, we empower your organization to navigate the IoT landscape and embark on a successful digital transformation journey.