Our partners are people and organizations that have similar values to us, whom we can see eye to eye with.  These are people whom we are proud to collaborate with in creating value for our customers and communities around the world.

Cloud Lion has two kinds of partners - Technology Partners and Community Partners.



Technology Partners

Part of our secret sauce to success is to "stand on the shoulders of giants".
Our Technology Partners are companies whose technology we find valuable, and share similar values to ours.  By leveraging their tools, our knowledge and your company's unique situation - we can craft beautiful tailor-made solutions that best cater to your needs.

Community Partners

Community Partners


These are people and organizations whom we believe to make a positive impact on society.  Our aim is to help them help others through technology.  Cloud Lion is not a non-profit.  We are not specialized in helping those who need it most - but these guys are.  We are proud to be associated with them and will continue to do all we can, in order for their work to be even more powerful.

Why Cloud Lion?

Our international experience and unique vision puts us ahead of the pack.  Our highly skilled, Google-qualified team has the innovative mindset to help catapult your business to the next level using today's cutting edge cloud technologies.  Having transformed dozens of organizations, trained hundreds of people across three continents, we can confidently say we understand where you're coming from, we speak your language, we breathe the same air.  Things are changing faster than ever, your competitors are making the move to the cloud as you read this.  You know its a jungle out there - choose to have the Lion by your side.  Let's talk!