Cloud Security Assessment & Implementation.


This offering will help to improve the security posture of a Google domain by assessing current domain configuration and security processes and procedures, followed by introducing new security tools and training for administrators and end users on security best practices.


What's included

  • Security Assessment

  • Security Workshop
  • Implementation Plan
  • Incident Response Plan
  • Security Training


The Approach


Audit existing Google Apps security settings and policies against best practices, identifying any potential risks.

Conduct a dedicated Security Workshop to surface audit results, promote best practices and propose recommended actions.

Implement planned security activities, including incident response planning and domain monitoring. Provide training and deploy appropriate 3rd party tools.


The Benefits


Guard against new and existing security threats by leveraging the latest security tools available.

Decrease security incidents by Increasing adoption and awareness of security features and policies among end users and administrators.

Increase effectiveness of responding to incidents as and when they occur by translating security procedures to the cloud and increasing preparedness.

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