September 07, 2023
By Fabrice Vanegas, MEd.

It is easy to find pessimistic statistics and gloomy projections on how the vast majority of startups are doomed to be devoured by their more established competitors. These are generally true. I'm not gonna lie to you, Cloud Lion is still very much a fresh startup. Just shy of 5 months old, skeptics would suggest "Cloud Cub" as a more honest description.


My message to the naysayers: "Cloud Lion is quickly growing into a ROARING success!".


My grandfather once said "everyone who is at least slightly interesting is bound to have enemies." I guess that makes me interesting; some folks are not that happy about Cloud Lion irreversibly becoming part of the landscape, and are trying (without success) to make life more interesting for us. But that's OK. I take imitation as flattery, and unwarranted criticism as envy. In my book, hate is preferable to indifference (scientists say hate and love both happen in the same part of the brain).


Haters trying to kick mud in our eye is a great motivator to go further and be better, in doing so, further differentiating ourselves from them. So rethink how you think about your enemies. Thank them. Bless them. For they are often a sour-tasting but helpful catalyst towards being the best you can be. Let's close this topic... we have better things to discuss.


On to the good news :-)




1) Fabrice Vanegas is the ONLY Certified Google EDU Trainer within at least 100 miles of Quebec City!


Think of this as the "black belt" of G Suite Certifications (currently only 2200 people or so hold it world wide). It basically attests to me not only being an expert on Google Apps - but more importantly - that I am qualified in training people effectively to ensure a sound adoption and a healthy implementation of this beautiful technology.


Check out this screenshot from Google's EDU directory:




Like the saying goes: "With great knowledge comes great responsibility." As Quebec's only Google Certified Trainer I am determined to continue to provide unparalleled service and knowledge to the local business community.




2) Cloud Lion is now recognized by Emploi Quebec as an accredited training institution!

(This is HUGE)


What this means is simple. The provincial government sees the value in what we do and how we do it.


We transform businesses by significantly upgrading their technology.

Everyone wins:


  • Society - people learn future-ready skills, which makes them more efficient and happier.
  • The environment - by using this technology correctly, business can greatly reduce their usage of paper, or go paperless altogether!
  • The economy - by increasing collaboration and efficiency, we do our bit to accelerate the pace of business. Think of it as improved blood circulation in the body. Healthier = happier.


Consequently, Emploi Quebec can pay a significant portion of the bill when businesses choose Cloud Lion as their training provider.


So... if you are new to Cloud Computing and are looking for the best possible team of people to help you make that leap forward - look no further.

If you are already doing business with a local Cloud Computing provider, but are unsatisfied about the quality of service you have gotten - come to us, we can nurse your emotional wounds... Thanks to those of you who have already taken this step - Cloud Lion loves you ;-)


3) The pride is growing.


Fun fact: lions are the only felines that successfully hunt as a team.



Though our company is still at its infancy, we have recently brought a couple of key players on board. Sebastien Meghezi, Ph.D. (Research Engineer), Cristian Molina, CPA (Associate Consultant) are now an important part of the Cloud Lion team. I am blessed to find like-minded professionals to see eye-to-eye with. With the intelligence and creativity of our growing team, anything is possible.




4) Cloud Lion is finally stepping out of its den.


To this day, we have never placed an ad, anywhere. We have grown exclusively through networking and word-of-mouth.


 We now feel the time has come to "step out of obscurity" (to quote the great Alexandre Vezina). 


Cloud Lion is proud to sponsor next Wednesday's Forum Techno Web Affaires, organized by the Nouvelle Beauce Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This is their biggest event to date. With the mission of creating awareness of internet technology in the region, we saw this event as something we identify with. Look for us at the Cloud Lion Hall, right in the middle of the second floor of Centre Caztel, at Sainte Marie. This full day event is not to be missed!


Also in October,  Collaborate Create Innovate 2017 certainly made us turn our head. This promising EduTech event takes place in Montreal, and will attract around 800 members of the education industry. The purpose, to provide hands-on training on how to better implement technology in education. I will personally be giving two workshops, on Google Keep, and Google Sites. Cloud Lion is honored to be among the select group of exhibitors.


While there are many more good news to share, I will spare the readers who made it this far. I close this post by thanking each and every one of our happy customers - we value your trust and will always go the extra mile for you.


Have a great day - and keep doing the awesome things you do.

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