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Revolutionizing MACA Marketing Corporatif: A Zoho Success Story


Caroline Fortin, a tech pioneer and visionary, has always embraced innovation. She recognized the potential of databases and cloud technology long before they became mainstream. As the driving force behind MACA Marketing, a promotional-object marketing company specializing in personalized branding, Caroline's journey exemplifies the transformative power of technology.

From an early age, Caroline took the reins of her family's business, charting a course for growth and evolution. Recognizing the need for adaptable tools, MACA Marketing transitioned from Microsoft to Google, benefitting from Google G Suite training and architecture support from Cloud Lion in 2017.


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However, as MACA Marketing expanded its reach and complexity, its IT infrastructure faced challenges keeping up. The company's aging software, referred to as C2, became a labyrinth of code without documentation. Frustration mounted as components failed, affecting various departments and operations. Caroline turned to Cloud Lion once again, seeking a lifeline to salvage their digital ecosystem.

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The Solution


Enter Zoho Creator, the "app that creates apps," and a cornerstone of Zoho's suite of business solutions. Cloud Lion, a certified Zoho Creator Partner, embarked on a mission to rebuild MACA Marketing's systems. The goal was to seamlessly transition from the outdated C2 to the robust Zoho Creator C5+CRM combination.

Amidst the chaos, Cloud Lion's team worked tirelessly, patching, repairing, and building anew. The transition was a success, achieved over a weekend with zero downtime and disruption. With a newly empowered system, MACA Marketing's team embraced efficiency and scalability, breaking free from the constraints of outdated technology.


The Impact


Caroline's leap of faith paid off. Her decision to fully embrace the Zoho ecosystem revolutionized MACA Marketing's operations:


  1. Efficiency Amplified: Tedious processes that once took weeks now require seconds. Triangular orders between suppliers and customers are streamlined, yielding at least a 10X improvement in speed.
  2. User Adoption Soared: The new interface and comprehensive training efforts boosted user engagement. Resistance dissolved, and everyone on the team harnessed the power of the new system.
  3. Massive Time Savings: Employees saved an average of one and a half to two days of work per week, liberating valuable time for strategic endeavors.
  4. Business Intelligence Unveiled: Access to critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) transformed decision-making. Profit margins, sales team effectiveness, and organizational culture improved with data-driven insights.


The Takeaways


MACA Marketing's journey offers valuable lessons for any business navigating the complex world of technology:


  • Strategic Growth: Build systems with long-term scalability in mind to accommodate growth.
  • Resilience in Adversity: No situation is beyond repair; expert assistance is available.
  • Documentation Matters: Developers must leave clear documentation for custom work.
  • Leverage Native Power: Prioritize native features before resorting to complex solutions.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Business intelligence is vital for informed choices.
  • Zoho's Excellence: In a tech-saturated landscape, Zoho stands out as a comprehensive solution.
  • Choose the Lion: Among many partners, Cloud Lion's expertise and commitment shine.

MACA Marketing's story is a testament to innovation's potential and the value of choosing the right technology partner. Cloud Lion not only revived a sinking ship but transformed it into a state-of-the-art vessel, navigating the seas of modern business with confidence and success.